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Note: This site is dedicated to a full review of the new cell spy software called Spyera.

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  • Question  –  Can I download the Spyera login Software for Free?
  • Answer  –  I actually couldn’t find a free copy of Spyera at all, at least “not a real copy anyway” I searched everywhere online and had no luck. Remember be careful with promises of a free copy as it’s probably a scam ( check out the solution below).
  • Solution  –  Click on the link above or at the bottom of the review to get it at the very cheapest price I could find.

Thoughts On Spyera – Watch Before You Buy Spyera I do hope that the short video on the cell spy software Spyera has been helpful in some way, it just covers my personal thoughts on the software and briefly covers some of the features that this mobile cell phone spy software offers.

Below I will cover a few different topics the first one will be why I needed to get a cell spy software in the first place. Then I will continue with a full and very comprehensive review of the software to ensure that if you are looking for a cell spy software like Spyera you have all the information you need in one place so you can make an informed decision.

Here’s The Reason I Wrote This Spyera Review.

spyera for parentsWell there are a couple of reasons why I wrote this review. Firstly I’m a pretty skeptical person who really needs to look into a product before I purchase it. When I was searching for a descent cell spy software that would do all the things that I needed I found it nearly impossible to decide.

There are so many crap one’s out there which made the decision to commit even harder. Not only that but all the reviews on the different programs out there where written by sales people just trying to convince me to buy there crappy product.

Some of the reviews where even written by the actual owner of the product and not by people like me who have bought a few and used the software.

What I ended up doing was just biting the bullet and started purchasing one’s that sounded good. I think I spent over $400 trying to get a good one but every single cell spy software that I purchased let me down.

Not one of the programs that I bought lived up to it’s claims. The whole experience left me feeling scammed and scared to purchase anymore. A couple of the one’s that I purchased didn’t even hide the software so my 16 year old daughter new that I was checking on her calls, sms messages and movements.

So after all of the disappointments I decided to just give up on the whole thing for a while. It wasn’t until I was at the pub with a friend of mine that he told me about a software called Spyera that he was using to keep track of his employees.

He owns a courier company and found that with the GPS tracker he was able to improve his business and staff by keeping track of there movements. He was pretty happy with the software and had nothing but good things to say about it.

Eventually I decided to give it all one more try and went ahead and purchased the software. To my pleasant surprise it was easy to setup and worked perfectly, it’s worked great ever since. I have never had any issues with it and the support they gave me during the setup phase was excellent although there responses did take some time to get back to me.

So to answer your obvious question, Yes Spyera works perfectly and I found that after testing it on another phone that I own it was completely undetectable that they promise.

So after going through all of that I thought I would write a proper review on this cell spy software as its one of the only ones worked and worked well. I figured there would be other people like me out there that are having the same difficulty that I was having.

So I do hope that this review will help those people in need, you can learn a little more about me in the about me section of this site if you would like.

What Exactly Is This Spyera Software?

spyeraSpyera to put it simply is a completely unique mobile cell spy software that once installed will enable you to keep track of every aspect of the target phone.

This software is easy to setup and very simple to use. It is able to listen in on live calls, read text messages both incoming and outgoing, look at there phonebook, photos and videos, track them via GPS and much much more. To go straight to the section in this review where I list the features in full then click here or simply scroll down for the features and a brief overview on each one.

Do I Need To Login To Use Spyera?

When you get your spyera login details, you’ll be able to login to a private dashboard that only you have access to.

Once you access the dashboard you’ll have the ability to operate and execute all the features that are included in the spyera package. Some of the main features you will use will be SMS/Text tracking, Social Media Access and you’ll also have access to call recordings and listening plus much more. See the full list of features here.

Who Exactly Is Spyera Meant For?

Well this question can be hard to answer as there are so many features and reason why someone would need to use this cell spy app. To list a few I will have to list the most common or popular of all the reason why people use Spyera.

Firstly one of the biggest reason why people need this software and the exact reason I use it is for Parents to track and monitor there children. Especially in this day and age where almost every teenager has a mobile phone with Facebook and access to the internet. So I find using Spyera to be a very necessary tool for keeping your kids safe.

Next we have employers that need to track the use of there company phones and to also monitor the use of there employees phones that are around sensitive documents. They are also great for helping with productivity and turn over. For example I have a friend that runs a courier company and he finds the GPS tracker a great asset for keeping  his drivers delivering on time.

It has also been used to help catch out a partner, wife or husband when they are being suspected of lying or cheating. This has become more popular but it is a real taboo subject. So we will leave that there.

Finally another very popular reason why a person using spyera is on there own phone. They do this to help track it if it ever gets lost or stolen. You can also very easily back up and record conversations and messages that occur on the phone.

Overall Spyera can be used by just about anyone and for so many reason that I couldn’t list them all.

“Spyera is a one of a kind cell spying software that has been a life saver to me and many other people”

If you would like to ask me anything about the software then just go here to my contact me page and I will help you out the best that I can. Continue reading below for the rest of the Spyera review.

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Welcome back to the Spyera Review, in this section I will cover all the features that Spyera has to offer.

Spyera – The Full SPyera Review And Features. Out of all the cell spy software’s that I have purchased and looked into this ones comes with the most features out of all the competition and all the features work exactly as promised. The simplicity of this software is quite amazing as well with all of it’s features being very easy to understand, setup and use. So check out the list of features below and I have added a brief description of what each one does:

The Main Features

  • Live Call Listening  –  With Spyera you can actually listen in live to any conversation both from incoming calls and outgoing calls. You can also listen to both sides of the conversation as well, it’s just like a three way phone call but you are not able to be heard and your presents is completely undetectable.
  • Live Call Recording  –  You also have the ability to record any phone conversation which can be used as proof at a later date.
  • Surround Listening  –  You can listen to whats happening around the target phone by simply tapping into the target phones microphone.
  • Surround Recording  –  Record what you hear happening around the target phone which once again is done by tapping into the target phones microphone and then simple record what you hear so you can use this as evidence or proof of their deception at a later date.
  • IM Spying  –  You are able to spy on there Facebook, Whats App, BBM, imessages and many more social site activities.
  • Read Text Messages  –  View and read both incoming and outgoing messages including who sent it or who it was sent to.
  • GPS Tracking  –  It enables you to track the target phones location via GPS with an accurate location presented to you on a Google Map. All of this is in real time.
  • Email Spying  –  Spy on all emails as well both incoming and outgoing, who sent the email or who the email was sent to.
  • Multimedia Tracking  –  You will also have access to view all the multimedia files on the target phone.

Even More Features

  • Address Book Spying  –  See all details on the target phones address book like contact names, numbers, emails and more.
  • Device Changing  –  You can even move the software from one device or target phone to another if the person you are tracking has purchased a new phone.
  • Completely Undetectable  –  Spyera is a completely hidden software and remains undetectable at all times.
  • Sms Spoofing  –  Send invisible sms messages from the target phone to any number you specify.
  • Call History  –  It allows you full access to the target phones call history including all details of the call.
  • Remote Control  –  You can control and manage Spyera remotely on your personal web account.
  • Remote Uninstall  –  You are also able to uninstall the application remotely without having to gain access tot he target phone.
  • Security  –  The software comes with an inbuilt encryption to protect the data that you are collecting from the target phone.
  • Website History  –  Track the browsing history of the target phone including all activities like websites visited and how long they spent on each site.
  • Sim Card Notification  –  You will also get notified when the target phone changes the sim card in the phone and all the information like new numbers and account details.
  • App Activity  – Spyera is able to see when new apps have been uploaded and installed or deleted from the target phone.
  • Call Notification  –  It will notify you when a number that you have specified has been called, messaged or is even calling the target phone.

So as you can see there are a heap of features on offer when you get the Spyera cell spy software. As stated before this spy software has more features than any other cell spy software available.

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Okay so next I thought I should mention some of the benefits that I personally experienced when using Spyera. Now I’m not sure if your situation is similar to mine but the main benefit I found was that my wife and I were able to get a good night sleep when our kids were out because we knew exactly what they were up to and that they were safe.

Spyera – What Is Spyera And Full Spyera Review. See below for a few more of these benefits that we found when using the Cell spy software Spyera:

  • As many of you are aware after reading my about me page is that we have 4 children and I feel in this day and age with the use of twitter, facebook and mobiles it’s become a real challenge to keep track of what they are up to and who they are associating with. With this software we have found that this has become much easier as we know exactly where they are at all times, who they are spending there time with and most importantly that they are safe.
  • Another benefit is you will be able to get the truth whether its about your children or whether your husband or wife is actually working late or not. If you have doubts whether your partner is being faithful then this undetectable cell spy software Spyera is exactly what you need to get to the truth.
  • You can find out exactly who’s been calling your partner or children at midnight. You will no longer need to be suspicious because the truth is so easy to get t.

For me and my wife there is another huge benefit that we have experienced  and that is to make sure that our children are getting to and from school and their afternoon sports safely and on time.

My eldest has to actually catch 2 buses after school 3 days per week to get to and from her dance classes, we would love to be able to drop her off and pick her up but unfortunately like so many other parents out there we both have to work.

Since we got the Spyera Software we have been able to divert a number of situations that without the information that it has given us could have turned ugly and had our eldest daughter to be specific in grave danger. These days we found that we really couldn’t function without it, we have got 2 young girl that are under 5 so I’m sure we will be using Spyera for years to come.

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To set the record straight there was actually very little that I disliked about Spyera. There was a total of around 3 things that did bug me a little and they are not major things but I thought I should list them on this review. You may not even find these things to be annoying but for the sake of this review on Spyera I thought I should add them in. See below for the few things that I disliked:

  • Initially when I got Spyera I found it a little confusing to setup, apparently it has been made a lot easier now with full step by step instructions and video instruction given to you when you get the software.
  • The other thing that really bugged me was the support took way to long to get back to me, it took nearly 48 hours on one occasion.
  • At first after I had everything setup I was still a little lost on how to retrieve the data that I was gathering from the target phone. ( Once I figured it out it actually a breeze and I felt king of stupid )

Overall the Spyera product is incredible and I got it when it first came out so most of my above complaints have been fixed these days. I really love the product and it’s an absolute god sent when it comes to keeping my children safe.

If you have read the about me page and the first part of my review where I discuss why I needed to get it then you will know that I have 4 lovely children so this product was extremely cheap considering the piece of mind that it has given my wife and I.

Hi there, I thought you would like to know about all the stuff that I loved about the cell spy software Spyera. The list that you will see below is just some of the features I loved but when you use it you will probably find many more that you love.

It really will depend on what your personal situation is and the reasons you needed to use a software like Spyera. See below for my list of features and stuff that I loved:

  • The first thing that I loved was that this cell spy software is compatible with virtually any type of phone you wish to spy on.
  • Spyera enables me to listen in live on all calls and hear both sides of the conversation.
  • Not only can you listen in on any conversation but you can also record the conversation to use as proof at a later date.
  • It enables you to read all sms messages both sent and received, who sent them or who they were sent to.
  • You can track the location of the target phone with the built in GPS tracker and literally see the target phones location on a Google Map.
  • It was fairly simple to setup, the first time that I did it I was a little confused but once you get it it’s really quite easy and very fast to do, it only takes around 2 – 3 minutes.
  • I loved that it was completely undetectable so the user of the target phone is completely unaware that you are tracking their activities.
  • This Software is also great because it only costs you once for what ever period you subscribe for be it 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. After your subscribed period has ended you will also get the option to renew your subscription and keep using it or simple cancel at any time when you are done using it. During the period of your subscription you will receive all update and changes to the software free of charge.
  • There technical support is very extensive in there answer, they explain everything that you request to find out. They do take a little while to get back to you but when they do I found the level of help they give far out did all the other software’s that I have tried.

Okay so that’s my basic list of features and stuff that I loved about Spyera but like I said there are many more. Those were just the ones that stood out to me and I thought were important to add into this spyera review.

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To finish off this spyera review I thought I would give you my final word on this cell spy software. To put it briefly since I purchased Spyera it has been hands down the best cell spy software I have ever used.

Now your situation may be different to mine but if you have doubts whether your spouse is being faithful or whether you need to keep a better track of your teenage kids. Whatever your circumstance may be I know for a fact that Spyera will be one of the best investments you could make. I recommend you try this software and finally discover the truth and get the evidence that you need.

So if you are like me and don’t like getting stuffed around or wasting money then save yourself the headache and the expense. After using a number of the different cell spy options out there I must say that I was given the impression that this sort of technology that actually worked was not really available to the general public.

After using now 3 different ones that did actually work I became a believer and was lucky enough to come across Spyera which out of all of them if price is a concern then this is the very best you can get.

It’s been a life saver for me and my family and I’m sure it can help you as well.

Grab Spyera as soon as you can and give it a try because I’m sure you will be as happy with the software and it’s features as much as I am. Remember when you get Spyera you get a risk free Money Back Guarantee that just goes to show you just how confident they are in there amazing software.

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